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Kidding Made Easy

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Today is the eight day of January 2013 and we are already more than half finished with kidding. We have been extremely fortunate in that the weather has been fairly dry and the temps have been moderate for this time of year. Our does and doelings began… more »

What A winter

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For the state of Oregon this has been a great winter so far. During the month of December we had almost no rain until the 26th of the month. The temperatures have been mild and easy to live with. We had one five day period of cold heavy fog that I could… more »

Finally- Hunting Season Is here

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I can't begin to tell you how great a year this has been. I have been blessed to overcome some lingering medical problems and managed to get some jobs done around the ranch that I have wanted to get done forever. Items that range from getting fence posts… more »

Fighting The Cold Wet Weather

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You know, everytime I begin to think I know something about raising our Heritage Spanish Goats, I get a lesson on how little I do know. I have been raising these fine animals for three and a half years now and I thought that foot rot was something that I… more »

Why On Earth Do I Do This?

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To start this blog entry I want to apologize to everyone that reads this blog regularly for not blogging on a regular basis this winter. I have spent a challenging winter trying to overcome health issues that have been hard to deal with and at the s… more »

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