Kidding Made Easy

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Today is the eight day of January 2013 and we are already more than half finished with kidding. We have been extremely fortunate in that the weather has been fairly dry and the temps have been moderate for this time of year.

Our does and doelings began kidding about a week and half ago and we have thirty healthy kids on the ground. If this keeps up we will be finished by the end of the month. We do not like kidding in the winter time but our bucks have different ideas than we do. They are hard to control when the ladies present themselves ready for some special attention. Trust me, it doesn't take second offers to have these big fellows climb over, plow through or rip asunder a fence. My fence building skills were honed at breeding time after the bucks got where they wanted to go. It's kind of like trying to stop a snow plow with a picket fence. Just doesn't work!

The weather being cooperative is one thing, but the biggest asset to easy kidding is our Heritage Spanish does. These girls hardly ever need any human assistance. They just stop and deliver, literally. They have their babies upon their feet in just a minute or two and within five minutes babies are all cleaned up and nursing. I have had these does have their kids in the woods 100 yards from the barn area.

This year I did something new, just because I didn't want to go hunting mommies and babies in the wild. We have had lots of coyotes lately and I was afraid they would beat me to the newborns. My wife of 48 years and I have been watching the girls really close for the last month and knew that the girls were going to start any minute so we closed their gate and have held them here close to the barn. It requires feeding a lot of hay and grain but we sleep much better at night.

We have eight or nine more does to kid. Our does very rarely have triplets but almost always have twins after their first kidding which is usually a single.  I believe that we are going to end kidding season with 46 or 48 kids. So far they are leaning toward about 60% bucklings.

We started raising these goats five years ago with four bred does that we bought from a CAE and CL free herd in Montana. We have sold over a hundred goats and built our herd from within. The bucks came from the same herd but are totally unrelated. Last year was our first year to sell any doelings. We have retained them all in the past. This year we may sell a few more along with all the boys, most of whom will be wethered.

Well, it's been a long day and I am going to call it a night. We have lots of other livestock to take care of so it's a good thing that the goats are easy to care for.

Until next time find something to laugh about. It's good for the spirt, soul and body.