Finally- Hunting Season Is here

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I can't begin to tell you how great a year this has been. I have been blessed to overcome some lingering medical problems and managed to get some jobs done around the ranch that I have wanted to get done forever. Items that range from getting fence posts replaced to getting a much needed pond installed.

The pond is a first step in getting more water for livestock in several different areas of the ranch. Currently we have only one dependable water source. The new pond this year and another that is planned for next year will give us the ability to create some cross fences and be able to manage our fields much better.  I am looking forward to that.

We are into the third week of October and hunting season is in full swing. We currently are in deer season and there is also a fall turkey season running at the same time. So far the turkey hunters are scoring well. We have had five turkeys leave the ranch and expect several more to be harvested. The hatch this spring and last spring were excellent with high survival rates.

Our bow hunters didn't do well this year. The fall bow season was too dry and warm. We had two fellows that are excellent hunters and very persistent. Unfortunately this just wasn't their year. I sincerely hope that they enjoyed the hunt and our visits. Our Rifle hunters are fairing better. Today, just after sun up, we had a beautiful 4x3 buck taken. The gentleman that took him is a friend and a really good hunter.  My wife and I have noticed as we work in different places around the ranch that the bucks and does are starting to pair off and move around more during the day. We have had some nice rains that make things quieter and the wild life is not so spooky.

A couple of years ago I started a hunting club here on the ranch. Instead of asking for money for people to hunt I offer them a chance to hunt for free if they will come to the ranch and spend eight hours working on various chores. The eight hours can be spread out over the whole year or worked all at once as each hunter finds time. So far the program works well and all of my hunters seem to be happy. No one has to pay money out of their pocket and I get some jobs done that my wife and I just can't get to ourselves. It helps tremendously.

Hunting season is always a special time for me. I enjoy visiting with our hunters and sharing time and stories (all true by the way, mostly) about the current season and hunting seasons past.  There are lots of laughs and good times. Once in awhile a group will get together and bring a motorhome and spend all weekend.  They have a great time.

I am looking forward to seeing more bucks leave the ranch before seasons end. Elk season is just around the corner and some times our hunters are fortunate enough to be here when one of the herds pass through the ranch. I have seen some really nice bulls leave here headed for the butcher shop.

Well, I have talked enough for now. I hope you all get a chance to get into the out-of-doors and do some hunting. Keep your bullets dry, shoot straight and go home with a great prize.

Until next time, find something to laugh about. It's good for the spirit, soul and the body.