Why On Earth Do I Do This?

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To start this blog entry I want to apologize to everyone that reads this blog  regularly for not being able to blog on a regular basis this winter. I have spent a challenging winter trying to overcome health issues that have been hard to deal with and at the same time trying to get as much done here on the ranch as possible. My beautiful wife of 47 years has shouldered way too much of the load. I thank God that she is my soul mate. We are truly a team!

You know, there are days when I wake up stiff, in all the wrong places, sore and barely able to move and I have to ask my self why and how I got here in this my 67th year on Mother Earth.

Winters are hard on this old body and this winter my body really decided to give me fits. I was in the hospital in January for a week getting a tuneup on my ticker. When doc was satisified that I was back on track and released me I went home and promptly got Shingles. Now that is a disease that can make a grown man cry!

I have spent much of this winter clinging to my heat pad and getting little done around the ranch. The one thing that I have refused to quit doing is using my quad to patrol the back of the ranch. I have made many trips to the most remote parts to help keep predators at bay.

It seems like at our age that my wife and I would be down sizing and trying to take things a little easier but to be honest, neither one of us would be able to. We love our life style and where we live. We have 60 cattle, 35 heritage Spanish goats and 100 chickens and everything that goes with taking care of them and we wouldn't have a clue how to get along without the day to day challenges that go with our lifestyle.

Something about the way we live gets into your blood and you just can't turn your back on it. We face every day as fresh, full of hope but able to face adversity and over come. Living a ranching life style requires much from you physically, emotionally and mentally.  There are times when evrything runs smooth and according to plan and days when gut wrenching reality knocks you down and you struggle to get up and go again, but you do.

We lost a calf this winter that evidently caught pneumonia and we didn't find him on the back of the ranch in time to save him. It really tears at you when something like that happens. Some feedlots expect to lose up to 15% of the livestock that they feed but that is not what we expect.  We don't accept loss easily. To us it's not just part of doing business. Every animal that we care for is important.

I am glad to report that my ticker ticks and the shingles is getting better so I am back pretty much to my old self and am able to get out and get things done again. Now if the rainy weather will back off and actually let spring be spring I will be a happy camper.  Here in Oregon when the rain stops and the sun shines we race outside, do a happy dance and take turns chipping the moss off of each other. LOL.

Trust me , we get a lot of rain. It makes great forests, really beautiful creeks and rivers but it does get old. We get around 74 inches a year where I live and work and most of that comes between November and May or June every year.

Well that's it for now. You can expect to see me back here blogging regularly again and until next time find something to laugh about. It's good for the spirit, soul and body.