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About Our Ranch


About Our Ranch

Welcome to our About Page. We're glad that you want to know more about us. Cozine Springs Ranch and this website are owned by a disabled American veteran.


Herd Health

All of our animals graze on pasture grasses and clover with supplementation added to maintain a healthy herd condition at all times. Proper vaccinations occur as dictated by the conditions in our area. Licensed vets examine and test our animals regularly. We have a CAE and CL free herd of goats and intend to keep it that way. We track our animals by using the State Scrapie Program. Reserve Your Herdsire Now before they are wethered. Time is running out to get one of these great animals in tact.

Our Size and Topography

Cozine Springs Ranch is a small family owned 255 acre ranch located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Our elevations run from 500 to 800 feet above sea level. We have mostly southern exposures and several natural springs that flow year round even in the hottest summers.

Being Good Stewards

We use no till over seeding to maintain our pastures to prevent erosion. We don't use chemical fertilizers, instead we sow clover in the spring so it will hold the nitrogen in the soil and add lots of protein for the livestock. We don't use pesticides except to control parasites and the use of herbicides is done only on a spot type basis. The pesticides that we use are safe and do not invade the animals flesh. Our animals drink water from natural springs and wells. We also store water for livestock from the rain that runs from the roofs of our buildings to hold down the amount of well water that is used in the summer. We are a major source of water for Cozine Creek that head waters here and flows the entire length of the property, down through town and on to the Yamhill River.

Our Guardians

We have three dogs that are our livestock guardians. They are all Great Pyrenees. None of these dogs are afraid of coyotes, bobcats or mountain lions. Yet, they are gentle around the livestock and humans. They all really love the baby goats. Cozine Springs ranch is an affilliate of Amazon.com and receives commissions on sales that start on this website. We also generate revenue through Google ads on our site.


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